BitShares Decentralized Exchange

Trade Dollars, Gold, Bitcoin, and more without counterparty risk.


BitAssets Whitepaper
Technical information about Market Pegged Assets


Trades execute in 10 seconds or less. All markets operate 24/7 on a global network. BitShares uses a unique order-matching algorithm which eliminates front-running, so there are no middlemen.

Private & Secure

You hold primary control of the access keys to your funds, so they can never be stolen, confiscated, or moved by anyone without your permission. No personal details are required to open an account, and you can trade from the privacy of your home or office.

No Counterparty Risk

The BitShares Exchange operates entirely on the blockchain, so unlike central exchanges it can never be shut down, breached, or run away with users funds. All balances are secured by a minimum of 200% collateral, which is held in escrow by the blockchain in a transparent and verifiable manner.

Boundless Trading

Trade in Gold, Silver, Dollars, Oil, Euro, Yuan, Bitcoin & more! Regardless of geographic location, anyone with a smartphone or an internet connection can trade on the BitShares network.

Lowest Trading Fees

BitShares only charges a small fixed fee per deposit, withdrawal, or trade. At present, the fee is less than 3 cents. The network does not charge a spread per transaction and there are never limits on deposits or withdrawals.

Earn Interest on BitAssets

All BitAssets earn a variable yield derived from transaction fees, interest paid by short sellers, and other sources. See the BitAsset whitepaper for details.